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episode 50

Knock Knock: Jen Bilik

Comedy isn’t always easy: this entrepreneur has learned some tough lessons manufacturing irreverent gifts that don’t meet everyone’s tastes.

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episode 46

Tulip Interfaces: Rony Kubat & Erik Mirandette

Digitizing the factory isn’t always easy. A former counter-intelligence officer and former reality TV star, both manufacturing nerds, hope to bring data tools, the Internet of Things, and Lean Manufacturing to every factory floor.

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Employee Ownership: Can it Save American Manufacturing?

One of the most urgent challenges for manufacturing is that half of the CEOs are projected to retire within 10 years and don’t have a succession plan. Organizations like Concerned Capital are helping factory workers buy their employers before it’s too late. Can employee ownership rescue these critical businesses and jobs? It’s not easy; we learn the pitfalls.

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