Ever wondered how to build a brand, a business, or just a better mousetrap? The Art of Manufacturing podcast, hosted by MIT-trained tech entrepreneur Krisztina ‘Z’ Holly, has your answers.

Every Thursday, Z (and a rotating cast of guests) guides listeners on a behind-the-scenes look at how some of the world’s most captivating entrepreneurs are trying to “make it” in their industries.Ā The first season wrapped up to critical acclaim, with listeners tuning in from across the U.S. andĀ from 88 countries.

The Season Three premiere dropped Thursday, April 19. Z sits down with Cat Chen, the founder of the new fragrance company Skylar Body. We hear about Cat’s entrepreneurial journey from head of operations at The Honest Company to leading this venture-backed direct-to-consumer startup, learn about the challenges of building an all-natural brand, and get tips for working with manufacturing partners and suppliers.

The latest season of The Art of Manufacturing bringsĀ more grit, more insights, more innovation and technology, and more crazy stories from entrepreneurs taking on their next big venture. From the taboo to high-tech, we’ll hear fromĀ founders and thought leaders in advanced transportation, food, “sex tech,” health & beauty, amusement parks, apparel, aerospace, and consumer products. Episodes will delve intoĀ themes randing from custom-on-demand and automation, to e-commerce and advanced materials. Not to mention the things these entrepreneursĀ wished they had known before startingĀ their companies.

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Based in Los Angeles, The Art of Manufacturing is a weekly podcast that serves listeners across the globe interested in business, entrepreneurship and product design. It is hosted by engineer and entrepreneur Krisztina ‘Z’ Holly and produced by At Large and Dangerous in collaboration withĀ MAKE IT IN LA, a diverse community of creators that turn their passions into products that matter in Los Angeles. On the podcast, Z uses her extensive experience in startups and innovation, plus the knowledge she built as LA Mayor Garcettiā€™s first Entrepreneur-in-Residence, to delve into the world of entrepreneurs and pioneers trying to ā€œmake itā€ with their next big idea. The podcast is released every Thursday and available for subscription on Apple Podcasts and all the other favorite podcast platforms.

Tune in every Thursday starting April 19 to get an exclusive sneak peek inside these innovators’Ā factories and studios–and most of all, their minds.