MakerWalk LA

Take a behind-the-scenes look at local brands and how new products are being made in Los Angeles.


SAVE THE DATE: Thanks to a grant from LA2050, the next MakerWalk will happen on May 31, 2019. See participating companies below, and sign up to stay connected:


Our first MakerWalk in 2017 attracted more than 500 attendees to over a dozen open houses in the Arts District. Our after party featured maker stations, custom-crafted local cocktails and beer tastings, and great food and conversation. See photos and a recap here.

Location: Tours are within walking distance around the DTLA Arts District. Check in at the La Kretz Innovation Campus, 525 S. Hewitt St., Los Angeles, CA 90013.
Parking: Available at the La Kretz Innovation campus for $6, payable with credit card at the gate. There is also limited free street parking.
Contact: For press inquiries, contact Nikki at
(424) 305-MAKE or
Visit our FAQ page for more information.
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Tours at MakerWalk LA:

The tours at MakerWalk 2019 are subject to change. Stay tuned! But the listing below will give you a sense of what to expect.

Soylent Innovation Labs: Where the future of food works. (CENTRAL)

Soylent is an innovative company transforming the way people think about nutrition, and is inspired by other innovative, like-minded companies pushing the boundaries in their areas of expertise. That’s how the Soylent Innovation Lab was born. Soylent Innovation Lab is inviting up-and-coming, innovation, digital and mission-based companies to join us in our sprawling, 30,000 sq ft coworking space at 555 Mateo Street.

We want to partner with you and give you the unique opportunity to increase your business’ influence by working alongside our team of dreamers, doers, and makers. Website:

555 Mateo St. | Los Angeles, CA 90013

Angel City Brewery

Angel City Brewery: Beer tasting of beer made on site (NORTH)

Visit our LA-based craft brewery located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. We’ll be leading tasting of our flagship beers and giving you insight into the brewing process. For safety reasons, depending on activity level in the brewery, our touring might occur from a distance. But you’ll learn about the brewing process and how it impacts the taste of our various products.


216 S. Alameda Ave | Los Angeles, CA 90012

Sew FYI: a sewing and design co-working studio (CENTRAL)

Sew FYI’s helps creative minds achieve their best work in a supportive and resourceful environment, one where new faces and seasoned veterans come together to practice the art of fashion design and production. We promote sewing by providing instruction, inspiration, and encouragement to all fashion enthusiasts. Sew FYI offers a variety of services and is a great place to start your project. We also hold unique functions such as industry meet-ups, fittings, or company team-building activities. Website:

1340 E. 6th street | Los Angeles, CA 90021

Two Bit Circus: Talk and Tour at the world’s first micro amusement park!(CENTRAL)

Come and get a tour of Two Bit Circus and find out more about what goes into creating the world’s first micro amusement park. You will also find out about the Two Bit Circus Foundation, which is a nonprofit educational organization designed to cultivate the next generation of inventors, advance environmental stewardship and spur community engagement. Website:

634 Mateo Street | Los Angeles, CA 90021


COMUNITYmade: Handcrafting one-of-a kind shoes on site. Relax and learn about local shoe making (CENTRAL)

COMUNITYmade is a unique brand and retail experience with our own line of premium shoes for men and women that are handcrafted locally. With every purchase we donate to support local community initiatives in the Arts, Education or Ending Homelessness as directed by the purchaser. We sell shoes in our DTLA showroom as well as handcraft custom shoes that we create in our COMUNITY cobbler station. Stop by to see our cobbler in action and learn more about the many events we host in our space to build community! Website:

584 Mateo Street | Los Angeles, CA 90013

Greenbar Distillery: Tour & tasting at the largest organic distillery in the world (SOUTH)

Come for a tour and a taste! At Greenbar Distillery, you can get up close and personal with the beautiful copper stills, pose with giant whiskey barrels and learn why taste and flavor is critical in all we do. Sample from our range of organic spirits and bitters in this mini tour of LA’s original Distillery. Website:

2459 E.8th Street | Los Angeles, CA 90021

Journey Foods: an AI-powered platform that supports product management and nutrition services for food companies. (CENTRAL)

Journey Foods is an AI-powered platform that supports product management and nutrition services for food companies. The team is creating the future of nutrient consumption through software that supports smarter R&D and efficient, data-driven production of packaged foods. Their prototype and “edible training data” was developed as a re-imagination fruit snacks by focusing on nutrient-density and additional functional ingredient complexes to target immunity, digestion, energy, and brain function.. Website:

555 Mateo Street | Los Angeles, CA 90021


Crafted Kitchen: Kitchen tour and chef demo at the WeWork for food entrepreneurs (SOUTH)

The Crafted Kitchen story began with the desire to build more than just a state-of-the-art shared-use kitchen. It started with the belief that, through community, an individual “me” could become part of the greater “we”. With community as our catalyst, Crafted Kitchen defines success as more than just the bottom line. We believe it’s about growing, learning and thriving alongside other culinary creatives and innovators. By leveraging industry resources, regulatory & licensing experience, bulk purchasing power and culinary expertise, we provide tools and resources to help food entrepreneurs accelerate business growth.. Website:

672 S. Santa Fe Ave | Los Angeles, CA 90021

Angel City Lumber: An urban lumber mill transforming LA’s downed trees into lumber (SOUTH)

Angel City Lumber intercepts Los Angeles trees before they enter the waste stream. We haul them to our storage facility in Boyle Heights before milling and drying these logs into useable dimensions. Our customer base extends from DIYers building their own shelves to West Hollywood hotels incorporating 60 tons of LA lumber into their landscape architecture design. From tree through final product Angel City Lumber strives to give a second life to one of Los Angeles’ most overlooked natural resources, its trees. Website:

251 S. Anderson St. | Los Angeles, CA 90033

LADWP Substation: Overview of a LADWP Distributing Station (CENTRAL)

Manufacturing depends on reliable water and power. Come learn how that power is produced and distributed! The City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) provides water and power to the residents and businesses of the City of Los Angeles. The tour will provide an overview of the LADWP Power Generation and Distribution systems and a specific view of an active Distributing Station adjacent to its office and warehouse Facility in the Arts District. The Station distributes power to the residents and businesses in the Downtown area. Website:

1212 Palmetto Street | Los Angeles, CA 90013

Oblong Industries: Experience spatial computing at architectural scale in our warehouse lab (CENTRAL)

Come see what spatial computing is all about with our 40-foot interactive display wall and collaboration tools. We’re most known for our flagship product, Mezzanine, which brings content-rich visual collaboration capabilities to conference rooms around the world. It’s built on our core technology, g-speak. We’ll be swimming in it at the warehouse: Imagine abstract concepts taking shape in real-world space, controlled by simple gestures—all in service to solving complex business challenges. It’s not sci-fi. It’s what we build with our biggest customers who are creating disruptive products, navigating big unstructured data sets, or launching initiatives to better the world. Website:

1375 E. 6th Street, #5 | Los Angeles, CA 90013

The Spirit Guild: A craft distillery and tasting room located in Los Angeles’ Arts District. (CENTRAL)

The Spirit Guild is a craft distillery and tasting room located in Los Angeles’ Arts District. Imbuing traditional European craft with a pioneer’s imagination, the Guild’s distillers transform fruit from California’s farms into a distinctive gins and vodka, with more products coming soon. Come visit our facility and learn how we marry art and agriculture on our fun hands-on tour. Website:

586 Mateo Street | Los Angeles, CA 90013

Thank you to our sponsors who make this event possible!

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