Hardware meets experiential marketing: a holographic projection system is just one piece of VNTANA’s strategy to being the go-to platform for brands to engage with customers using AR and mixed reality.

Augmented reality is a big buzzword these days. But most companies are focusing on creating content. Because of her deep technical background, Ashley and her company started with a portable holographic projection system, and they are now positioning themselves as the go-to platform for brands to leverage and capitalize on mixed reality experiences.

I was curious to hear her thoughts on the future of AR and VR, and how businesses can best leverage these technologies. I was also excited to learn how she built this hardware company from the ground up and how they plan to scale production. But the most interesting aspect might be how they are evolving into a full platform that works with anyone’s hardware. And how she is integrating technologies like data analysis, AI, motion capture, and facial recognition to engage more deeply with customers. We also talk how she successfully raised money since her company’s business model is a very non-traditional investment for venture capital.

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Website: http://vntana.com
Twitter: @VNTANAlive, @acrowder33
Facebook: company and personal
Instagram: @VNTANAlive
LinkedIn: company and personal

Forbes article mentioned: Why Experience Marketing is the New Future of Engagement



About Ashley Crowder

Ashley Crowder is the co-founder and CEO of VNTANA, an industry leading augmented reality platform for creating and distributing premium mixed reality experiences. It has been used by major brands including Microsoft, Intel, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Pepsi and Nike to name a few. Prior to co-founding VNTANA she graduated from USC with a bachelors and masters in engineering and gained valuable manufacturing experience at Gulfstream, Northrop Grumman and BP. She leverages her engineering background to guide VNTANA’s overall direction and technology development.

Ashley has been a speaker at Digital Summit, Internet Summit, Augmented World Expo, TEDx Venice, the World Economic Forum’s Global Growth Companies & Technology Pioneers, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, The Montgomery Summit, Siemer Summit, Digital LA, and others. Ashley was featured as one of USC’s leading engineering CEOs of 2016. Ashley is a part of the Microsoft Early Developer Program along with the Microsoft Bizspark Plus program.

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