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Carolyn Casavan is best known as the founder of West Coast Environmental and Engineering, a very well respected sustainability and engineering firm. She has a wealth of knowledge from over 30 years of helping companies improve their sustainability and businesses processes. So in honor of Earth Day, I was really excited to hear her advice for manufacturers and brands—especially startups who don’t have a lot of bandwidth for non-mission-critical things. In the process, we learn how sustainability isn’t just about compliance or branding or feeling good, but it actually makes really good business sense. (The episode also features Ivka Adam, the Founder and CEO of a new kind of jewelry company called Iconery.)

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About Carolyn Casavan

Carolyn Casavan is the Principal Engineer of Casavan Consulting. She has over 30 years of experience in providing environmental and sustainability consulting services to businesses and government agencies. She also founded and managed a well-respected environmental engineering and consulting firm in California for over 20 years. Carolyn is unique in that she is able to combine a high level of business understanding with strong technical skills. This gives her the ability to provide well thought out solutions that meet the objectives of regulatory agencies as well as the needs of business.

Her areas of technical expertise include sustainability, energy efficiency, water conservation, air quality management, greenhouse gas emissions, environmental management, and waste minimization. She is a registered Professional Chemical Engineer in California and a former Air Resources Board Accredited Lead Verifier and Transactions Specialist.