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An on-demand jewelry company, plus a sustainability segment for Earth Day!

Ivka Adam is the Founder and CEO of Iconery. She’s mashing up 3D printing, ecommerce, manufacturing, and influencer marketing to create a unique platform to enable designers and influencers to create and sell their own jewelry lines. In a way, her company is a tool for non-experts to access the complex and sometimes bewildering jewelry supply chain. Being unfamiliar with the industry, I was curious about the trends making her new on-demand manufacturing model possible right now. It turns out the industry is ripe for innovation, and many entrepreneurs have tried. But with the high cost of materials, it’s really easy to get it wrong. Will Ivka succeed? She hasn’t completely democratized the supply chain yet, but she has had some big wins with influencers like Michelle Branch, who just launched her brand new line last week. She also has some thoughts about customer service, building a brand, and whether it’s a good idea to leave your team alone for 9 days while you go hike Kilimanjaro.

We start the episode with a short segment about sustainability with Carolyn Casavan.

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About Ivka Adam

Ivka Adam is the founder and CEO of Iconery, the premier destination for fine jewelry online. Iconery is dedicated to helping consumers discover the jewelry they’ve been dreaming of and giving designers the tools they need to go into business seamlessly.

Iconery aims to take the jewelry shopping and manufacturing experience out from under the glass case, making it fun and unintimidating for consumers and designer partners alike. Iconery utilizes 3-D printing to customize pieces and offers direct-to-consumer pricing with the goal of becoming the ultimate destination for jewelry fanatics.

Ivka has years of e-commerce and Silicon Valley tech experience from eBay and Modnique. Most recently at Modnique, she served as the vice president of marketing andmobile development, and her roles at eBay included leadership positions in vertical business strategy and global marketing units, ultimately serving as senior manager of North America mobile marketing. Ivka has over a decade of experience in management and marketing roles from Hulu, Ernst & Young, linguistics search startup Cognition Technologies and

Ivka received a BA in economics from UCLA and her MBA from the Marshall School of Business at USC.

Beyond work, Ivka enjoys traveling and hiking around the world. She’s summited Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Whitney (twice), the west face of Mount Shasta, and completed 80 miles of the John Muir Trail in California while wearing her nameplate necklace and never losing her sense of style.