An ex-prisoner turned elite CNC machinist and TV personality, Titan Gilroy, talks about American manufacturing and the joy of seeing something you created go to space. But first, Z rants a bit, and busts seven myths about manufacturing.

Titan’s journey is a story of redemption. He started on a really rough path, growing up homeless with a single mom. He became a pro boxer and was sentenced to 16 years in prison. But he turned his life around because of manufacturing. Today, in addition to owning an elite CNC machining shop, he hosts a TV show called TITANS of CNC, founded a machining school in San Quentin prison, and developed a free online curriculum and community for a new generation of CNC machinists.

I was curious to hear about his journey and what excites him about his career today. We also get his thoughts on how to turn around our manufacturing skills gap in this country. He talks tough on TV, but you can see he has a soft spot for helping others find hope through manufacturing.

We’ll be launching the next season in two weeks, but in the meantime we just had to jump in with a little bonus episode.

0:34 – Intro

1:15 – Z busts seven myths

15:10 – Catalyst announcement

16:37 – Titan Gilroy interview

34:27 –Z’s thoughts

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About Titan Gilroy

TITAN Gilroy is the owner of TITANS of CNC, an elite aerospace CNC Machine shop in Northern California. He is also the Executive Producer and Star of the television series, TITANS of CNC (formerly TITAN American Built). This series is a platform to engage a new generation of machinists, inventors and builders. TITAN also pioneered the largest FREE CNC educational platform, TITANS of CNC: Academy, dedicated to training and inspiring students, educators and shop owners from around the world. The platform is an invaluable resource to bring about true change in the manufacturing industry.

At eighteen years old, a lover of art and painting, Titan climbed the amateur boxing ranks and was noticed by Top Rank Boxing.

TITAN’s upbringing was not a recipe for success, during his childhood, he grew up in a broken home filled with violence, alcoholism and rage. He soon found his identity in fighting and built a reputation on his aggressive and destructive nature. Multiple accounts of assault landed TITAN in a sixteen-year prison sentence. The fighting continued and he soon found himself in solitary confinement for six months. With the help of Top Rank Boxing, TITAN was released early and began fighting for his second chance, ultimately being recognized as one of the greatest up and coming fighters in the sport. Unable to escape his demons, TITAN was pulled back into the street violence of his past. Not wanting to land back into prison, he walked away from professional boxing and found himself in a CNC machine shop where his life would change forever. Starting as a saw operator, TITAN sought out every opportunity to advance and learn this new trade. He quickly became the top performer in the shop and moved his way up to CNC operator, CNC programmer and then shop supervisor.

The success as a machinist lead him to pursue owning his own CNC shop where he would pour all his energy and focus into becoming a true CNC Expert. During the devastating recession of 2008, TITAN witnessed first-hand the destruction of the manufacturing industry and he could not stand quiet. He dedicated himself to unveiling the industry and its importance to all who would listen. This ultimately lead him to develop the Television Series, TITAN American Built, which launched on MAVTV in 2014. Through the first two season, TITAN and team highlighted great American companies that were fighting to keep work right here in America and telling their inspiring stories.

For TITAN, the first two seasons revealed something very important. The manufacturing industry has no leader. There was a lack of resources for our students, schools, employees, and businesses. This lead TITAN to once again take a stand and do something about it. Thus, season three will start with an even bigger focus on education. Using San Quentin Prison as a platform, Titan has built an advanced CNC machining school. He also designed his own custom curriculum to not only be used in the prison but also to be used by all teachers, students, hobbyists & machinist for FREE. Titan put the curriculum online and called it This online video platform, which is the first of its kind, is the biggest Cad, Cam & CNC training platform ever developed.

As a young child, TITAN witnessed brokenness and destruction. He relived these realities in the wake of the recession. From here, he continues to prove that through determination, education and motivation we can compete and make a name for ourselves once again. The advancement of education, technology, and innovation in the manufacturing industry is a top priority for TITAN, and no one can stand in his way to seeing it succeed.

Prison once represented the darkest time of Titan’s life, today the darkness has turned to light, as it has become a source of HOPE for all who have followed this inspiration journey.