Alyssa Mason leads communications for MakerWalk LA.

Alyssa has a passion for solving problems and bringing businesses to life. She has 7+ years working in startup culture as a tech consultant and product manager. She loves to work with products that change the way we think, live and experience life. Her career in the startup world led her to event planning and all things brand promotion with the creation of her company Table and Cloth.

Alyssa brings enthusiasm and focus to any team and strives to curate experiences for companies and brands that are unforgettable. She will work with you to create events that are memorable, enjoyable and exceed your business goals.

Table and Cloth specializes in strategic partnerships that grow your company and brand. With 10+ years of experience curating events, Alyssa brings expertise and immense industry knowledge. Whether you’re a small business, non-profit or enterprise company, Alyssa helps to build relationships that last longer than the nights end. A successful event for Table and Cloth, means our clients and their guests leave smiling.