Caue Suplicy is the Founder and CEO of Barnana, the all organic and sustainable ‘Super Banana Snack’. A native Brasilian, Caue hails from the southern city of Curitiba, which pioneered environmentally sustainable urbanization and retains its status as one of the worlds most sustainable cities.

Growing up in Brasil in the 1980’s, Caue’s parents instilled a healthy lifestyle and macrobiotic diet during his childhood. Caue distinctly recalls his father dehydrating a variety of fruits in their backyard to make healthy, chewy snacks for the whole family.

At 21, Caue moved to the USA to pursue his dream of becoming a professional triathlete. His training regime included fueling his body with the dehydrated banana snacks he brought from his hometown in Brasil.
Soon all of his friends and training mates were asking about these delicious, healthy snacks, and from there the idea of creating Barnana for the US market was born.

Prior to launching Barnana in 2012, Caue built his first company, Suplicy Bikes, to produce superior carbon fiber road bikes. This experience taught him valuable lessons in all areas of business that have helped him on his more recent path with Barnana.

Since launching the brand in 2012, Barnana has grown to become an industry leader in branding banana based products, and has helped reduce farm waste through their upcycling efforts. Barnana can now be found in stores all across the country, from national chains such as Wholefoods and Safeway, to independent health food stores.