Here is a selection of videos we’ve published on our YouTube channel to help launch and grow your business:

"Should I Make it Locally?" - How to Decide Where to Manufacture Your Products

How to Harness Product Strategy to Make Your Ideas Viable, with Pam Schulz (MAKE IT Talk)

How to Scale Your Product with Contract Manufacturers, with Michael Corr (MAKE IT Talk)

How to Make Packaging Your Secret Weapon, with Jesse Genet (MAKE IT Talk)

How to Launch Your Product in the New Reality of Retail, with Courtney Nichols Gould (MAKE IT Talk)

How to Amplify your Emerging Brand with Social Media, with Rick Kanter (MAKE IT Talk)

How to Increase your Bottom Line Through Sustainability, with Carolyn Casavan (MAKE IT Talk)

Social Impact Investment with Daniel Tellalian (Dollars and Sense series)

Grants for Small Businesses w/ Christine Harada (Dollars and Sense series)

Alternative Debt, Microfinance and Fintech with Amanda Sabicer (Dollars and Sense series)

Crowdfunding: Fundraising Fundamentals to Achieve Success (Dollars and Sense series)

How did you Launch Your Product in the New Reality of Retail? (MAKE IT "Unpanel")