MAKE IT IN LA is a community of creators turning passions into products in Los Angeles. A 501(c)(3) non-profit spun out of Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti’s office, we were founded in 2016 with the belief that manufacturing is a critical part of the local economy, and that building connectivity within the entrepreneurial ecosystem will lead to economic growth, better jobs, and more innovation. Through community, online resources, and events such as factory tours, we make connections that celebrate and unleash the creative potential of Los Angeles.

What we do

MAKE IT IN LA provides links to resources and informative content, and hosts occasional events for CEOs, founders, thought leaders from the creative and business community.

Over the years we have hosted many informative events and created valuable content for entrepreneurs and manufacturers. You can see videos of our events, as well as information-packed newsletters and posts on our site. And be sure to listen to The Art of Manufacturing podcast—filled with inspiration and ideas from founders and pioneers who are “making it” in LA.

Check out our Get it Made page for guidance on finding and working with factories. Visit our Organizations page for links to helpful resources like accelerator programs, makerspaces, and entrepreneur communities. We also offer links to government incentives for locally based businesses—especially manufacturers.

If you want to stay on our list for occasional news stories and event invitations, join the movement to help entrepreneurs and business owners be a part of something larger than themselves and create products, brands, and communities that matter here in LA!

What we don’t do

MAKE IT IN LA does not:

  • Provide pro-bono consultations or introductions between entrepreneurs and suppliers.
  • Maintain a public database of recommended suppliers.
  • Currently offer a Catalyst program, as our AHEAD grant funding ended.

However, we encourage you to check out the useful resources we’ve compiled on our website and get on our mailing list for occasional news and invitations to events.

Why LA?

Greater LA is the largest manufacturing center in the country. It’s home to a vast network of creative technologists and designers and more than 12,000 manufacturers and suppliers—in industries ranging from aerospace and special effects to food and fashion. LA has a diverse and skilled workforce, including more engineering graduates than any other metro area. It should be no surprise that LA should be the epicenter of industry, as 43% of the country’s port traffic comes through the port of Los Angeles.

MAKE IT IN LA was inspired by a year-long study by tech entrepreneur and innovation expert Krisztina “Z” Holly during her term as entrepreneur-in-residence for the city. Her study found that 57% of all factories in Los Angeles County had excess capacity, and they were eager to connect with new customers. It also identified unprecedented numbers of businesses looking to launch and grow physical products. Finally, the study showed that while the manufacturing ecosystem in Los Angeles offers many resources across industries, it can be hard to navigate for emerging businesses, who aren’t always prepared to partner with suppliers. MAKE IT IN LA was launched to address many of the challenges identified in the study.

You can explore many of the findings in an interactive version of the study results here.

Our Team

MAKE IT IN LA is a volunteer-run organization that relies on experts to create content and host events to connect and inform the community.


Krisztina “Z” Holly

Founder & President

Tracy Randall


Teale Hatheway



Michael Corr

Founder, Duro Labs

Freya Estreller

Coolhaus / Ludlows Cocktail Co. / Tea Drops

Tracy Gray

Founder & Managing Director, The 22 Capitol Group

Zack Hurley

Indie Source

Kellie Johnson

Kellie Johnson

President & CEO, ACE Clearwater Enterprises

Karen Kerr

Senior Managing Director, GE Ventures

Kathy McIntyre

California Manufacturing Technology Consulting

Sean Scott


Kara Nortmen

Partner, Upfront Ventures

Sarah Shewey

CEO & Founder, Happily

Kate Sofis

Founding Executive Director, SFMade


MAKE IT IN LA wouldn’t be possible without the generous contributions of many volunteers and former team members. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our effort over the years.

Mimi Evans

Heidi Carreon

Leah Couvelier

Jake Swayze

Iosefa Alofaituli

Opportunity Fund

Carolyn Casavan

Casavan Consulting

David Eads

Formerly LA Chamber

Michelle Garakian

LA Mayor’s Office

Ricardo Vazquez

LA Mayor’s Office

Gustavo Huber

Gus Club LLC

Connie Huffa

Fabdesigns, Inc.

Clare Le


Ed Lee


Adrienne Lindgren

Formerly LA Mayor’s Office

Michael Polier

The Food Exchange

Adam Razik

Bright Foods

Caue Suplicy


Chad Tulloch


Mit Vyas

Operations Development Group

Tara Roth

Goldhirsh Foundation

Craig Enenstein

Corridor Capital

Nikki DeVries

MakerWalk LA Producer

Alyssa Mason

MakerWalk LA Communications



And thanks also to Red Bull, Kickstarter, and other generous supporters.