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August 8, 2018

MAKE IT IN LA Selects 16 Entrepreneurs as Catalyst Fellows

We've selected the founders and CEOs who will receive personalized help from Catalyst to scale their production and who are poised to bring manufacturing back to Los Angeles. Announced August 8th at our Catalyst Kickoff Party.

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Los Angeles Manufacturing Ecosystem Study

MAKE IT IN LA was inspired a LA Mayor's Office study that found a large opportunity to connect and support a manufacturing ecosystem consisting of entrepreneurs, factories, and other resources. Learn more from this interactive presentation.


The Art of Manufacturing podcast

episode 48

August 15, 2018

Desktop Metal: Ric Fulop, Jonah Myerberg & Andy Roberts

Meet the 3D printing company that might totally change how we manufacture, design, and even develop products.

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episode 47

August 8, 2018

SmartyPants Vitamins: Courtney Nichols Gould [encore]

Amazon is eating the world! A wellness entrepreneur shares her secrets to launching a consumer product in today’s complex retail environment.

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episode 46

August 1, 2018

Tulip Interfaces: Rony Kubat & Erik Mirandette

Digitizing the factory isn’t always easy. A former counter-intelligence officer and former reality TV star, both manufacturing nerds, hope to bring data tools, the Internet of Things, and Lean Manufacturing to every factory floor.

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episode 45

July 25, 2018

David Charlot: Charlot Biosciences

A bioengineering startup tries to commercialize a new tool that might totally change the way we identify and treat disease.

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