The Art of Manufacturing

Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at entrepreneurs and innovators who are trying to “make it.” The podcast is produced by at large and dangerous in collaboration with MAKE IT IN LA.

James Webb Space Telescope: Krystal Puga and Scott Willoughby

$9 billion and a million miles away: we get a special behind-the-scenes tour of NASA’s most ambitious and risky project ever.

Hydroswarm: Preeti Battacharyya

An underwater roboticist is determined to map the 70% of our globe covered in water. But exploring our oceans is much harder than you think.

Knock Knock: Jen Bilik

Comedy isn’t always easy: this entrepreneur has learned some tough lessons manufacturing irreverent gifts that don’t meet everyone’s tastes.

Lumi: Jesse Genet [encore]

Packaging should be your secret weapon, and this serial entrepreneur will show you how.

Desktop Metal: Ric Fulop, Jonah Myerberg & Andy Roberts

Meet the 3D printing company that might totally change how we manufacture, design, and even develop products.

SmartyPants Vitamins: Courtney Nichols Gould [encore]

Amazon is eating the world! A wellness entrepreneur shares her secrets to launching a consumer product in today’s complex retail environment.

Tulip Interfaces: Rony Kubat & Erik Mirandette

Digitizing the factory isn’t always easy. A former counter-intelligence officer and former reality TV star, both manufacturing nerds, hope to bring data tools, the Internet of Things, and Lean Manufacturing to every factory floor.

David Charlot: Charlot Biosciences

A bioengineering startup tries to commercialize a new tool that might totally change the way we identify and treat disease.

Wiivv: Shamil Hargovan and Chris Bellamy

A startup builds custom, on-demand 3D printed shoes and gives a glimpse of what innovation might look like in the future.

Micki Krimmel: Superfit Hero

Roller derby inspires a body-positive athletic fashion brand that’s just hitting a tipping point. Though finding a factory that will take her business has gotten easier, the real challenges have just begun!

Should I Make it in the USA?

Four experts explore the dilemma of where to do your manufacturing. The answer is not so obvious.

Meredith Perry: uBeam

Pioneering wireless power: a rare interview from the charismatic and controversial founder of an L.A.-based startup that everyone thought would fail.

Taboo! Julia Rose of VaGenie and Melanie Cristol of Lorals

Two brave women build businesses that might make you blush.

Tim O’Reilly: WTF [live]

What’s the Future? The “Oracle of Silicon Valley” shares his contrarian thoughts about technology, capitalism, and preparing for the big shifts on the horizon.

Lidia Yan: NEXT Trucking

There’s a shortage of 50,000 truck drivers impacting manufacturing in America, and demand keeps growing. A serial entrepreneur tries to beat the odds with a portal that better matches carriers and shippers.

Dr. Anita Sengupta: Virgin Hyperloop One [live]

Speeding through tubes at nearly the speed of sound; a former NASA systems engineer is helping make the future of transportation a reality.

Brent Bushnell & Eric Gradman: Two Bit Circus

Two clowns (literally) reimagine entertainment through micro-amusement parks. They use technology, a bit of showmanship, and a unique process of innovation to develop their immersive social games.

Julio Ruiz: LiquidSky Sports

A skydiver with an unusual past delivers custom apparel for action athletes and Hollywood by adopting new digital design and manufacturing technologies.

Natasha Case & Freya Estreller: Coolhaus

Cult favorite ice cream brand Coolhaus started in a broken down postal truck at the Coachella music festival. Two founders explain how they’ve stayed true to their quirky past while scaling with manufacturing partners and keeping their marriage intact.

Felix Ejeckam: Akash Systems

Space! Diamonds! Startups! Cubesats could soon be streaming live video of anywhere on earth and beaming broadband data to the last three billion people around the globe. This innovator is using his revolutionary diamond composite material to bring this future to life.

Ashley Crowder: VNTANA

Holograms and hardware: just one piece of VNTANA’s strategy to become the go-to platform for brands to engage with customers using AR and mixed reality.

Cat Chen: Skylar Body

Customer trust and deep supplier relationships is the foundation for the Honest Company’s former head of operations as she launches a new venture-backed company pioneering all natural fragrances sold online.

Titan Gilroy: TITANS of CNC

Ex-prisoner turned elite CNC machinist and TV personality talks about how to save American manufacturing and the joy of sending something you created into space.

Kevin Czinger: Divergent 3D

3D printing micro-factories—not electric vehicles—might be the key to sustainability and innovation. We learn why, from the CEO of Divergent 3D.

Jeff Krause: Society of Manufacturing Engineers

The CEO of SME shares his insights on manufacturing trends plus a sneak peek at what to expect at WESTEC next week in this segment of the latest episode.

Courtney Nichols Gould: SmartyPants Vitamins

How to launch and grow a consumer product in a complex retail environment.

Rodney Brooks: Rethink Robotics

Busting myths about the future of the workforce, with a serial entrepreneur and AI visionary

Sonja Rasula: The Unique Empire

Connecting with your customers to build a great business, with the creator of the weekend pop-up market.

Jeni Britton Bauer: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Gourmet ice cream that takes the whole state of Ohio to manufacture

Ben Horowitz: Andreessen Horowitz (recorded live at UCLA)

A legendary venture capitalist and entrepreneur shares leadership and startup lessons he learned the hard way. 

Rodney Mullen: The Godfather of Skateboarding

A skating legend shares his thoughts on the history and future of the skateboard industry.

Litty Mathew: Greenbar Distillery

As immigrants and entrepreneurs, Litty Mathew and her husband must balance the tension between being unique and “fitting in”

Bethany Shorb: Cyberoptix and Well Done Goods

A Detroit manufacturer tries retailing: sometimes the hardest part of scaling isn’t collapsing ceilings or cash flow. It’s learning to let go.

Ivka Adam: Iconery

A tech entrepreneur takes on the jewelry industry, with ecommerce savvy, influencers, and an on-demand manufacturing platform.

Carolyn Casavan rethinks sustainability

For Earth Day, learn how to empower your employees and save money, just by doing the right thing.

Nick Pinkston: Plethora

Job killer or savior? Automation is changing the face of manufacturing, and this entrepreneur is determined to accelerate the process.

Chris Wilson: House of DaVinci

From life sentence to leadership: after being convicted of murder, Chris Wilson is turning his freedom into jobs. He told us his story while he was visiting LA.

Jesse Genet: Lumi

Make packaging your secret weapon! A former manufacturing entrepreneur aims to be the new logistics platform for startups

Mark Fuller: WET Design

How to build high-tech fountains and the most creative teams in the world

Kellie Johnson: ACE Clearwater

Through true grit and teamwork, this welder’s granddaughter overcame intimidation and stereotypes to turn ACE Clearwater from a third-generation business into a high-tech aerospace powerhouse.

Ellen Bennett: The Apron Lady

Season Finale maker episode! Celebrity chefs and makers are crazy for Hedley & Bennett aprons. Bonus segments from White House with US CTO Megan Smith and Adam Savage.

Maker Conversations from LA and the White House

U.S. CTO Megan Smith and Mythbusters’ Adam Savage weigh in on making and manufacturing. Features interview with Ellen Bennett.

Greg Steltenpohl: Califia Farms and Odwalla

Greg Steltenpohl will change our love affair with cattle through plant-powered foods and beverages

Donna and Lauren Johanson: Chivas Skin Care

A mother-daughter team turns a family goat farm into a cosmetics business

John Lehman: McMarden

Trying to adapt to a shifting apparel landscape, a high-end fashion designer opens his first retail store

Stephanie Alves: ABL Denim

Veteran apparel designer turns her talents towards an underserved market: people with disabilities

Connie Huffa: Fabdesigns

Meet the company powering top global brands, from aerospace to athletics equipment, with high-tech textiles.

Shanley Knox: Olivia-Knox

A young entrepreneur’s grit is tested as she launches a cow-horn factory in Uganda

Eric Demby: Smorgasburg

The co-founder of Brooklyn Flea shares tips for artisanal makers as he prepares for the launch of his newest Sunday market, Smorgasburg L.A.

Catherine McCord: One Potato

The founder of Weelicious uses her social media chops and beginner’s mind to launch an ambitious meal kit delivery company for families.

Jodie Fox: Shoes of Prey

Meet the 34-year old whose company has produced millions of custom products and is bringing the “on-demand economy” to manufacturing.

Elan Lee: Exploding Kittens

The community-building secrets behind the biggest Kickstarter in history, which now employs 840 around the world.

Karl Kani: Godfather of Urban Streetwear

Karl Kani rebuilds his $100M hip-hop fashion empire after 27 years in business and a partnership gone south.

Eric Ellestad: Local Roots

With purple lights and 30 tons of butterhead lettuce, the CEO of Local Roots is ready to change the world, one shipping container at a time. 

Kabira Stokes: Ex-Offenders and Electronics

Why would an entrepreneur complicate things by hiring former prisoners? This is a story about about redemption and resilience.

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