The future of manufacturing is bright, according to Jeff Krause, the Executive Director of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. In this segment of the latest episode, we chat with Jeff about technology trends, from the Internet of Things to digital fabrication. We chat about how we can revitalize the workforce, and the importance of getting parents involved. We also get a preview of the upcoming WESTEC conference happening next week, September 12-14. Following our conversation, we hear from Kevin Czinger of Divergent 3D (see here for more on Kevin).


For more information about SME, visit, and you can learn more about the WESTEC conference: If you’d like to attend the conference for free as a friend of The Art of Manufacturing, click here.


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About Jeff Krause

Jeffrey M. Krause joined SME as executive director and chief executive officer in December 2014, and is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the organization, while leading day-to-day operations and working closely with customers and stakeholders to enable growth. Prior to SME, Krause served as vice president of automotive aftermarket and business development for Intraco where he was responsible for the global automotive and heavy-duty aftermarket business, ensuring that key objectives are achieved related to growth, service delivery, branding and profitability. Krause began his career with General Motors in 1977 and transitioned to Delphi in 1999. He has extensive experience in many facets of the business and has served in key leadership positions, including general management, business development, sales and strategic planning at the product line and corporate levels. Krause served as vice chairman of the General Motors Foundation and has led several acquisitions and divestitures for GM and Delphi. Krause holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial administration from Kettering University and a master’s degree in business administration from Harvard University. SME Member Since 2015