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Episode Description

At age 16, he made himself his first suit. At 21, he headed to L.A. to launch a career. 27 years later, Karl Kani is still a legend for his pioneering urban streetwear brand. But after an ill-fated partnership almost lost him the rights to his own name, he’s back to work, rebuilding his $100M hip-hop fashion empire one bold step at a time. We hear stories of grit and creativity, learn from his business mistakes, and find out what it takes to build an enduring brand.

About Karl Kani: Mission Statement

Karl Kani was founded in 1989 with a rebellious spirit to break the rules of fashion trends and design based on the voice of international modern day pop culture.¬† It is the Mission of Karl Kani that when you wear one of his garments, you feel the inspiration of self-expression through the collection’s revolutionary designs and that you also see the details of hard work in the trim and hand-made fabrics.¬† These elements will give you the taste of luxury in a casual look that gives you the confidence to say… YES, I Kan!


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